The Best Gluten-Free Jam Brands You Need To Try

Don't take for granted that your jam or jelly is gluten free. Here are some brands you can trust and how you can avoid gluten cross-contact.

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Jam and jelly are often forgotten condiments. They enhance countless meals (think gluten-free bagel, cream cheese, and jam), yet I don’t always think to keep the fruit spread on hand. My sisters and I have a phrase that we’ve said since we were kids: “It’s like grape jelly.” That’s when you don’t want something but then remember how good it actually is when you taste it. On your next shopping trip, don’t forget to pick up a jar of one of these gluten-free jam brands.

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Is Jam Gluten-Free?

Does jam have gluten? Is jelly gluten-free? The gluten-free community wants to know! The great news is that most jelly and jam is gluten-free!

Jam is made up of really basic ingredients that are naturally gluten-free: fruit, sugar, lemon juice and sometimes pectin.

With that said, never take for granted what should or shouldn’t be gluten-free. ALWAYS check the label to make sure you know what ingredients the jam contains and how it’s manufactured. If you’re ever unsure about a product, you can always contact the manufacturer directly to ask about their allergen and gluten cross-contact practices.

If you’re not interested in going through all that research, don’t worry! We have you covered with a list of the most popular gluten-free jam and jelly brands you can trust.

5 Popular Gluten-Free Jam and Jelly Brands

Below is a list of gluten-free jams and jellies, as well as information about how you can easily locate these products.

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Bonne Maman logo

Bonne Maman

Is Bonne Maman jam gluten-free? Definitely! Bonne Maman jellies, jams, and fruit spreads are gluten-free and Non-GMO Project verified. Their products are always made with natural ingredients and never contain high fructose corn syrup, additives or preservatives.

Here’s a list of Bonne Maman gluten-free jams and jellies:

  • Intense Apricot Fruit Spread
  • Intense Blueberry Fruit Spread
  • Intense Cherry Fruit Spread
  • Intense Orange Fruit Spread
  • Intense Red Fruits Fruit Spread
  • Intense Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Apricot
  • Apricot-Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Cherry
  • Fig
  • Four Fruits
  • Golden Plum Mirabelle
  • Mango-Peach
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Mixed Berries
  • Peach
  • Plum
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Wild Blueberry
  • Blackberry Jelly
  • Blackcurrant Jelly
  • Muscat Grape Jelly
  • Redcurrant Jelly

Cross-Contact: All of their products are gluten free, and all of their facilities are dedicated gluten free! (Source: Bonne Maman)

Crofter's Organic logo

Crofter’s Organic

Crofter’s Organic is all about creating scrumptious fruit spreads that have one-third less sugar than a typical preserve usually has. Many of their spreads are sweetened with juice instead of sugar, and they select high-quality organic fruit. (Plus, they have an adorable website.)

Here’s a list of Crofter’s Organic gluten-free fruit spreads:

  • Premium Spread Apricot
  • Premium Spread Berry Harvest
  • Premium Spread Blackberry Seedless
  • Premium Spread Blueberry Blast
  • Premium Spread Concord Grape
  • Premium Spread Four Fruit
  • Premium Spread Mango
  • Premium Spread Morello Cherry
  • Premium Spread Pomegranate Power
  • Premium Spread Raspberry Seedless
  • Premium Spread Strawberry
  • Premium Spread Wild Blueberry
  • Just Fruit Spread Apricot
  • Just Fruit Spread Black Currant
  • Just Fruit Spread Blackberry
  • Just Fruit Spread Raspberry
  • Just Fruit Spread Seville Orange
  • Just Fruit Spread Strawberry
  • Just Fruit Spread Superfruit
  • Just Fruit Spread Wild Blueberry

Cross-Contact: All Crofter’s Organic products are gluten free, and their facilities are as well.  (Source: Crofter’s Organic)

Polaner logo


Polaner’s All Fruit products are sweetened with only juice and fruit. Their sugar-free preserves are sweetened with sucralose.

Here’s a full list of Polanar gluten-free preserves:

  • All Fruit Apricot
  • All Fruit Blueberry
  • All Fruit Cherry
  • All Fruit Concord Grape
  • All Fruit Orange 
  • All Fruit Peach
  • All Fruit Raspberry
  • All Fruit Seedless Blackberry
  • All Fruit Seedless Raspberry
  • All Fruit Seedless Strawberry
  • All Fruit Strawberry
  • Apricot Preserves
  • Grape Jelly
  • Real Mint Jelly
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Sweet Orange Marmalade
  • Sugar Free Apricot Preserves with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Blueberry Preserves with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Orange Marmalade with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Peach Preserves with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Seedless Blackberry Preserves with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Seedless Raspberry Preserves with Fiber
  • Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves with Fiber

Cross-Contact: All Polaner jam and jelly products are gluten free, but they don’t have any information about their facilities and how they avoid gluten cross-contact. We contacted them to learn more.

In their email response, a Polaner rep said they make their products in facilities that don’t use peanuts or tree nuts, but they didn’t say anything about wheat and gluten-containing products. However, they advised that consumers should always check the product labels because ingredients and facilities could change. (Source: Polaner

Smucker's logo


Is Smucker’s jelly gluten-free? YES! Plus, all of Smucker’s jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit butters are kosher-certified with the “circle U” designation. However, not all of them are free from high fructose corn syrup. If that’s important to you, look for their Natural Fruit Spreads line.

Here’s a list of Smucker’s gluten-free jam and jelly:

  • Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Natural Squeeze Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Natural Blackberry Fruit Spread
  • Natural Concord Grape Fruit Spread
  • Natural Squeeze Concord Grape Fruit Spread
  • Natural Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread
  • Natural Red Raspberry Fruit Spread
  • Natural Squeeze Red Raspberry Fruit Spread
  • Natural Red Tart Cherry Fruit Spread
  • Mosaics Cherry Blueberry Fruit Spread
  • Mosaics Peach Raspberry Fruit Spread
  • Mosaics Strawberry Blackberry Fruit Spread
  • Mosaics Strawberry Mango Fruit Spread
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Concord Grape Jam
  • Red Plum Jam
  • Seedless Black Raspberry-Blackberry Jam
  • Seedless Blackberry Jam
  • Seedless Boysenberry Jam
  • Seedless Red Raspberry Jam
  • Seedless Strawberry Jam
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Apple Jelly
  • Black Raspberry Jelly
  • Blackberry Jelly
  • Concord Grape Jelly
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • Apricot Preserves
  • Blueberry Preserves
  • Cherry Preserves
  • Peach Preserves
  • Pineapple Preserves
  • Red Raspberry Preserves
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Sweet Orange Marmalade
  • Simply Fruit Apricot Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Concord Grape Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Peach Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Red Raspberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Seedless Black Raspberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Seedless Blackberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Seedless Red Raspberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Seedless Strawberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Simply Fruit Strawberry Spreadable Fruit
  • Fruit & Honey Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Fruit & Honey Triple Berry Fruit Spread
  • Low Sugar Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly
  • Low Sugar Reduced Sugar Strawberry Preserves
  • Sugar Free Apricot Preserves with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Blueberry Preserves with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Concord Grape Jam with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Orange Marmalade with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Peach Preserves with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Red Raspberry Preserves with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Seedless Blackberry Jam with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Seedless Strawberry Jam with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves with Splenda Brand Sweetener
  • Cider Apple Butter
  • Squeeze Grape Jelly
  • Squeeze Reduced Sugar Strawberry Fruit Spread
  • Squeeze Strawberry Fruit Spread

Cross-Contact: We reached out to Smucker’s to see if any of their products are gluten free. They said that while their spreads are naturally gluten free, Smucker’s doesn’t meet the FDA’s gluten-free labeling requirements to claim that they are offering gluten-free jelly or jam. That’s because Smucker’s products are not tested by a third-party to ensure that they are free from gluten.

Unfortunately, the Smucker’s representative didn’t share any information regarding how the company avoids allergen cross-contact. (Source: Smucker’s)

Welch's Logo


Welch’s offers only Concord Grape and Strawberry options. Some of their products are preservative-free and free from artificial flavors, but not all are. Look at the individual label to make sure the product meets your dietary needs.

Here’s a list of Welch’s gluten-free fruit spreads, jams, and jellies:

  • Concord Grape Jam
  • Concord Grape Jelly
  • Strawberry Spread
  • Natural Concord Grape Spread
  • Natural Strawberry Spread
  • Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly

Cross-Contact: Welch’s website doesn’t have any information about whether their products are gluten free or how they avoid gluten cross-contact, so we reached out to learn more. Welch’s clarified that all of their jams and jellies are gluten free and are made in dedicated facilities.

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Two individual-sized jars of gluten-free strawberry jam.

What To Watch for When Eating Gluten-Free Jelly or Jam

The problem with food like jam or jelly is the assumption that because it’s naturally gluten free (it typically contains only fruit/fruit juice, sugar, and pectin), it’ll always be safe for people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten-sensitivity, or wheat allergies. Even if the ingredients in jam are gluten free, you should always be concerned about how the product is manufactured and possible sources of gluten cross-contact.

Should You Be Concerned if the Product Was Manufactured on Shared Equipment?

Gluten-free jam will have no gluten-containing ingredients. Ideally, the product will also not be manufactured on equipment that also processes wheat. But what if gluten-free jam brands carry a gluten-free certification and a notice that the item was made on shared equipment with wheat? You can rest easy knowing that the product is safe. Certified companies thoroughly clean their equipment (which sometimes takes hours to complete) before producing the gluten-free jam or jelly items.

Also, in order to be certified gluten-free, the brands of jelly and jam must get a third-party organization to test that the product contains less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Many certification programs, such as the GFCO, will test for less than 10 ppm of gluten.

Is Pectin Gluten Free?

Pectin is a starch that’s found in the cell walls of fruits and veggies. Jams and jellies get that gelatinous structure thanks to pectin. But is pectin gluten free? Regardless of whether it’s liquid or powdered pectin, you can be certain that pectin itself is gluten free. It is fully sourced from plants, which means that pectin is also vegan.

We found one unverified source claiming that they saw bulk pectin containing wheat, possibly as an anti-clumping agent. If any of these gluten-free jam brands used a pectin product like that, then wheat would have to be listed as an allergen on the label.

If you’re buying bulk pectin and want to ensure that it’s safe, check the ingredients label. We’ve found many bulk suppliers who offer gluten-free pectin.

Can Gluten-Free Jam Really Contain Wheat Syrup?

Wheat syrup is an ingredient that gets a lot of attention in the gluten-free community. One side of the camp says that wheat syrup is gluten free, and the other side claims that’s impossible. So which is it? Is wheat syrup gluten free?

Yes, technically! Does that mean you should eat it? Maybe. Wheat glucose syrup is so heavily processed that it breaks down and removes most if not all of the wheat protein. What’s left is a product that contains less than 20 ppm of gluten, which means that a jar of jam can be labeled “gluten free” and list wheat glucose.

Deciding to eat products that contain wheat glucose is an individual choice. Many gluten-free eaters likely will not have trouble consuming wheat glucose syrup, but that does not mean that we recommend everyone do so. As with any food item you consume, use discretion and listen to your body.

A table filled with coffee, toast, a poached egg, and gluten-free jam.

How Can You Avoid Cross-Contact at Home and in Restaurants?

Avoiding gluten in a shared kitchen or restaurant can feel daunting, but here are a few tricks to making sure your jams and jellies are always free from gluten.

Store Your Jam Apart

If you’re not in a strictly gluten-free home, your gluten-free jam could quickly become a major source of gluten cross-contact. If possible, store your jam in a place where people who eat gluten know that they cannot use it. Even if you wanted to be kind and share with family members, they might contaminate your gluten-free jelly or jam by spreading the knife over their gluten-containing bread, then dipping that knife back into your jam.

This is the same reason why you should not eat from jarred jams at restaurants. If even just a little bit of gluten gets into your jam, do not continue to eat it! Give it up to the gluten-eating masses at that point because it’s not safe.

Use Squeeze Bottles

Many gluten-free jam brands put their products in squeeze bottles, which makes contact with gluten less likely but still possible. Users may rub the squeeze bottle nozzle across the gluten-containing bread. Or, they may get impatient and open the bottle, then use a knife to get out the jelly.

The point is, if you’re in a place where others may introduce gluten into your food products, you have to take extra measures to be safe. As far as we’re concerned, both pre-opened jarred jams and those in squeeze bottles should be off-limits if you’re in restaurants or homes of people who don’t practice the same gluten cross-contact procedures that you and your family do.

If you absolutely must eat the jelly for some reason, look at the nozzle for signs of crumbs. If that looks good, open up the package and take a peek inside. If you see even one-quarter of a crumb, don’t eat from that container.

Remember, the lack of crumbs does not mean the jelly is free from gluten. Our recommendation is to avoid the container completely if it’s already open.

Ask for an Unopened Jam Jar

If your restaurant offers jams only in jars, ask the waitstaff if you can get an unopened jar. Most will be happy to oblige.

Use Single-Serve Jam Packets

Whenever possible, stick to single-serve jams and jellies when eating at restaurants to ensure that the jams haven’t become contaminated by other patrons who are just living their best gluten-filled lives.

Gluten-Free Jams FAQ

Which jams are gluten-free?

  • Bonne Maman
  • Crofter’s Organic
  • Polaner
  • Smucker’s
  • Welch’s

Can celiacs eat jam?

Yes, people with celiac disease can eat jam. Jam and jelly are typically naturally gluten-free, making them safe for celiacs. As always, check the ingredients label to be sure that there are no gluten-containing ingredients. If you are especially sensitive to gluten, look for products that are clearly labeled “gluten free.”

Why doesn’t jam freeze?

Jam is full of sugar, which lowers its freezing point. Unless your freezer is set to a very low temperature, your jam will likely become partially frozen and even crystalize a bit. Keep in mind that if you do freeze jam, the texture may become grainy. It’s best to freeze your gluten-free jams for no more than 6 months.

Is pectin gluten-free?

Yes, pectin is gluten-free naturally! It’s a soluble fiber that’s extracted from the cell walls of fruits and helps jams and jellies set.

Will gluten-free jam thicken without pectin?

Yes, it’s possible to thicken jam and jelly without pectin, but it won’t be as firm as jam with pectin. Slowly boil your sugar and fruit mixture for at least 20 minutes until it’s the consistency you’re looking for.

What’s the difference between jam and jelly?

Jelly is made from fruit juice and never contains fruit pieces or seeds. Jam is made from crushed or pureed fruit and sometimes contains fruit chunks, seeds, and peels.

Choose Gluten-Free Jam Brands With Confidence

We hope you’ll share this list of gluten-free jam and jelly brands and how to keep yourself safe. Let’s help the gluten-free community stay informed and healthy!

Go get your grub on!

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